Suifenhe Xingsheng Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.

New technology, new products and new directions

On September 8, Suifenhe Quartz Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. and Suifenhe Xingsheng Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. were established and put into operation with a total investment of 200 million yuan of 100,000 tons/year potassium sulfate fertilizer and 120,000 tons/year nitrogen and potassium fertilizer projects in Suifenhe City. Suifenhe Party and government leaders, quartz company leaders, agricultural materials reports, China fertilizer network and more than 200 agricultural enterprises from northeast and all over the country, nearly 300 people participated in the project launch ceremony with the theme of "new technology, new products, new directions".

Northeast China has always been a "battleground" for the fertilizer market. Li Dayi, Secretary of the Suifenhe Municipal Party Committee, said that Suifenhe is a century-old port for Sino-Russian trade, and that quartz company is a typical example of using the resources of China and Russia and the markets of the two countries to realize potash fertilizer import and landing processing. Premier Lu Hao also visited Quartz Company recently. He said that new products of Quartz Company will go further if we can produce good products with innovative quality and win-win cooperation with enterprises all over the country.

Over the years, quartz company relies on its unique corporate culture, advanced management concepts, high-quality talent team, strong scientific research strength, rich germplasm resources, reliable product quality and good commercial reputation, adheres to technological innovation, strengthens industrial development, strives to open up domestic and foreign markets, and strives to build its brand. . Quartz Company adheres to the principle of complementary advantages and common development, the product marketing system is constantly improved and improved, and the marketing agent network is constantly expanding. At present, besides Northeast and Inner Mongolia, the products have entered more than 10 provinces, such as Shandong, Hebei, Henan, Fujian, Hunan, Hubei, Guangxi, Guangdong, Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou. With the continuous expansion of product, brand and market development, the company's ability of industrial development and operation will be improved in an all-round way. Xu Ying, general manager of Quartz Company, said that the successful commissioning of the new project can not be separated from the strong support of Suifenhe Municipal Government over the years. At the same time, the presence of agricultural enterprises from all over the country also laid the foundation for the smooth promotion of the new project. The past of quartz company is worth looking back. Now the company knows how to be grateful. The future of quartz is worth looking forward to. It will repay the cause of agriculture, countryside and farmers with more good products and more scientific sales mode.

After three years of construction, the new production line of Quartz Company has been commissioned and put into production for half a year, which shows the development strategy of enterprise innovation and enterprising, extending the industrial chain. At present, the falling prices of bulk products have impacted the domestic fertilizer industry, while quartz company has withstood the pressure and the new technology has made all parties praise the development of enterprises. It is reported that quartz company and Beidahuang Group have been trading partners for many years. The two sides have established long-term and stable cooperative relations. The representatives of Beidahuang Group at the meeting said that in the past six years, the cooperation volume has ranged from several thousand tons to tens of thousands of tons. After using the products of Quartz Company, the quality and service of all group farms are uniform. To be approved. Nowadays, the two sides have the same tacit understanding on the new project, which makes the cooperation between Quartz Company and Beidahuang Group complement each other. Therefore, Beidahuang Group decided to increase the quantity of potassium fertilizer products purchased by Quartz Company, and signed a regional agency contract for 30,000 tons of nitrogen and potassium fertilizer.

The representative of Longsheng Economic and Trade Company of Suifenhe also indicated that Quartz Company, as the representative of the whole province's imported potassium fertilizer landing processing enterprises, can be said to have played a demonstration role in the transformation of local fertilizer projects. Longsheng has a long history of cooperation with quartz company. In the future, Longsheng company will make every effort to guarantee the supply of potassium chloride for new projects of quartz company. At the same time, as the largest distributor of fertilizer in the province, Beifeng Group, the parent company of Longsheng Company, will also pay attention to and promote the nitrogen and potassium fertilizer of Quartz Company and the humic acid water-soluble fertilizer products to be launched in the future.

After the meeting, the quartz company released a sales policy to give back to dealers, and tens of thousands of potash fertilizer was ordered. This indicates that the project has received good feedback in the market, but also reflects the future prospects of the new project of Quartz Company. The new project put into operation by Quartz Company can not only alleviate the "bottleneck" of seasonal supply of potassium sulfate in Northeast China, but also provide water-soluble fertilizer with high quality and low price for the vast number of users in Northeast China after the release of nitrogen and potassium fertilizer production capacity, which will play an active role in reducing farmers'planting costs and increasing farmers' income. (China fertilizer network)